Why Join EECBA?

EECBA’s accredited partner is able to perform a series of audits, their purpose is to highlight areas of concern and provide solutions for future compliance and demonstrate a continuous improvement. The internal audit procedure is in place to ensure compliance with all the relevant legislation and standards, as applied to electronic cigarettes. It provides documentary evidence of external verification of due diligence and adherence to the EECBA’s Award for Industry Excellence.

EECBA Industry Excellence Audit

The Audit trail starts from the bottom up and covers general business codes of practice as well as TPD specifics for when the regulators in whatever form descend. The audit is split into various sections and will take two days to complete and a subsequent two days to write up subsequent plans of action for legal compliance. The Audit report will be some 25 pages and unlike some industry audits allows for Emission, Toxicological requirements and evidence but equally important the technical files for both hardware and E-liquid.

As previously mentioned above – TPD / MHRA regulation has the potential to ethnically cleanse the industry from all the small to mid-sized operating companies. However, timings are on your side as an EECBA member and the revenue you generated between now and regulation day could easily see you afford the hoops necessary to jump through in order to remain trading. If a sale of the business is what is intended then we can assist you with prospective buyers and if your intention is to stay in the industry past 2016 then we will ensure you have a compliance trail and sufficient information to provide clear notification of obligations to either regulation route and initiate notifications of products to the Secretary of State

E-Liquid Testing

EECBA provides its members with a rigorous e-liquid batch testing service so you can prove by certification that your e-liquids do not contain irritants listed below. This service aims to generate consumer confidence in your customers buying decisions. You will be provided with a comprehensive report & certificate which can be displayed in store & on your website to highlight this fact your E-liquids will be tested in our privately run laboratory for the presence of the following:

  • Ethanol
  • Acetoin
  • Diacetyl
  • Acetyl Propionyl
  • Nicotine Assay
  • Benzene

Once the testing is complete we will issue you with the full report, your accreditation certificate will be issued on the basis that the testing results show no known contaminants, you can then confidently pass on your accreditation to your customers.

5 x GCMS /Nicotine Assay tests are included in the membership with discounted rates for further testing for members. (Please speak direct should you require more details)


Product Liability Insurance is an essential part of any Electronic Cigarette & E-Liquid Retailer, Manufacturer, and Wholesaler although you may think have the correct cover the reality is you probably will not have the correct cover.

EECBA brings its own business insurance specialist and leading broker in the Electronic Cigarette sector to ensure you have the right cover for new policies and to get you best deals on your renewal.

Tobacco Products Directive

EECBA offers its members support and advice on Article 20 of the TPD. EECBA has a team of regulatory consultants and a QP (Qualified person who can sign documents to be supplied to the MHRA) who can help shape your business for the future.

Part of EECBA’s membership fee is funding a programme of compliance for the TPD including toxicology data for e-liquid flavours, PK data on nicotine absorption and scale up for document submissions. EECBA believes that by sharing the administrative and cost burden for these essential studies that small retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers can benefit in the future.

Member Audit – Tobacco Products Directive

EECBA’s appointed strategic research scientist aims to assist members in generating technical product and compliance files, through this consultation EECBA aims to benchmark where your company currently complies via a structured audit that then provides a GAP analysis and plan of action to achieve all areas of Legal and scientific compliance. (further consultations are available at discounted rates)
EECBA members can now take full advantage of his knowledge and expertise to help guide us through the headache of this new Directive in terms of what is required in order to comply. He has also brought to the table Emissions testing using TPD friendly methodologies that are awaiting approval for use by an MHRA Certified Laboratory and this requirement will be made exclusively available to our members.

This year, Stephen obtained ISO 9001 Lead Auditor IRCA Certification and as a result provides the highest credibility to your compliance.  The Audit process will help members achieve compliance in the shortest timeframe. Audits will be ongoing and detail the legal requirements in terms of responsibility and provide comprehensive action plans that show you exactly where you stand and what you need to do in terms of industry compliance.

Publication Discounts

Promote your business in the national Vapour Magazine & E-Cig Trader publications & take advantage of 10% discount.


Due to an extensive database of retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers within the Electronic Cigarette Industry, EECBA can assist its members with discounted email marketing campaigns for current products and new launches at timed intervals.