EECBA are pleased to be working with our accredited partners.

An Interview with

Yorkshire Biotec – Damien Bové

Yorkshire Biotec is a company that has a background in pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing, we are applying this regulatory expertise to the production of TPD compliant E-liquids. We are putting in place two key features for TPD compliance, a database of information required to comply with the notification aspects of the TPD, specifically, safety reporting, toxicology, pharmacokinetics and safety monitoring, this is a work in progress. In addition to that we are also offering TPD complaint manufacturing and packaging services for companies that don’t have the capability to do this in-house, this in available now to companies looking to start putting TPD complaint liquids on their shelves.

VIRI – Vapers Independent Retailers Initiative


Since the early part of this year (2015) VIRI have been trying to unite the smaller/medium sized Vaping Industry businesses for many reasons.

These reasons include, supporting various efforts fighting the TPD, communicating vital industry information, fund raising for worthy positive campaigns and fully understanding the implementation processes of TPD.

Having spent the last two months discussing these issues with EECBA, VIRI are delighted to confirm that an alliance has now been formed.

We look forward to building on the positive progress made to date.