Welcome To The EECBA

The European Electronic Cigarette Business Association “EECBA” was established to deliver a wide range of high quality, good value business service to its members including E-Liquid testing, Insurance and Marketing.

In addition, EECBA have put a great deal of work into developing a pathway to compliance for the ‘Tobacco Products Directive’ or ‘TPD’. EECBA has a team of regulatory and drug development consultants at its disposal assisting with member audits, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, safety monitoring and submissions.

EECBA feels that by working together with its members the burden of compliance can be shared reducing the amount each company needs to invest in the future.

Code Of Conduct

  • Members are committed to providing best practice to providing an alternative to combusted Tobacco for Adult smokers.
  • Members only sell to Adults (over 18) and support the national age limit
  • Members do not make health claims which are not supported by the correct scientific material
  • Members support the sale of e-liquid in Child Resistant Caps
  • Members support appropriate labelling including Nicotine Strength and appropriate warnings.
  • Members shall send in Insurance documents including renewal dates in order to drive industry standards

Urgent Action Needed By 3 September 2015

From The TPD Consultation

8.1. The consultation questions set out in this and the accompanying documents are summarised at Appendix B. The consultation will run for 9 weeks, from 2 July 2015 to 23:45 on 3 September 2015. We welcome responses from any interested person, business or organisation.

8.2. Respondents are encouraged to provide their views online via our dedicated consultation portal, but responses can be made in any of the following ways:


12. Consultation process

12.1. If you have concerns or comments that you would like to make relating specifically to the consultation process itself, please contact:

Consultations Coordinator Department of Health
2E26, Quarry House
Email: consultations.co-ordinator@dh.gsi.gov.uk Please do not send consultation responses to this address.

If I were a vendor I would raise points to all of these:

9. How to get involved in future stakeholder engagement on specific topics

9.1. In addition to the questions asked in this document, respondents are encouraged to indicate which of the following issues they would like to receive further targeted engagement on:

  • Reporting of ingredients
    • Common reporting format for ingredients and emission data of tobacco products and e-cigarettes (Articles 5(5) and 20(13))
  • Priority list of additives
    • Establish a list of priority additives for which enhanced reporting obligations shall apply (Article 6(1))
  • Characterising flavours
    • Establish procedure for determining products with a characterising flavour (Article 7(3))
  • Labelling
    • Determine precise position of the general health warning and information message on RYO tobacco marketed in pouches (Article 9(6))
    • Determine technical specifications for combined health warnings, defining the layout, design and shape of the combined health warning. (Article 10(4))
  • Track and trace
    • Determine technical standards for the operation of a track and trace system (Article 15(11))
    • Determine key elements of the data storage contracts established under the track and trace system (Article 15(12))
  • Security features
    • Determine technical standards for the security feature (Article 16(2))
  • E-cigarettes
    • Establish the notification system (Article 20(2))
    • Determine technical standards for refill mechanisms (Article 20(13))
  • Charging
    • Determine proportionate fees should we decide to charge fees Indication of your preference can be made in each of the methods of response as outlined in section 8.